At Koeppl Law...

    our favorite question is “Why?”

    We have found it a great way to start a conversation with clients, in order to discover their goals and wishes as they seek to provide care for a loved one, plan for their own long term care, plan for transfer of assets at their death, create or build a business, or look to expand or sell their real estate holdings.

    Because it is our goal to educate clients and provide simple and easy to understand answers to their legal questions, it is important that we continually explore why clients are looking for certain documents, what they hope to accomplish and to make sure they have given consideration to alternate outcomes.

    At Koeppl Law Offices, it is our goal to always provide Simple Answers to Guide You on Life’s Path.

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    Wild Rose Location:

    P.O. Box 270
    460 Main St. 

    Wild Rose, WI 54984-6717    

    Phone (920)622-3048

    Appleton Location:

    477 S. Nicolet Road #9    

    Appleton, WI 54914-8270      

    Phone (920)955-3641

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    Assisting with
    Elder Law
    elder law

    Elder Law is the specific area of
    law that deals with the legal rights and care of a person experiencing the natural progression of the aging process...

    Helping with
    Real Estate

    real estate

    Real Estate Law most commonly deals with the ownership or transfer of real property as an asset. For the vast majority...


    Helping with
    Estate Planning
    estate planning

    The primary goals for estate planning are to: 
    1) plan for yourself

    2) plan for your family and then
    3) plan for cost savings or...

    Preparing for Disability

    disability estate law

    While we tend to think only of the elderly in estate planning, it's equally important to put plans in place to protect...